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Clean Mentoring / Supervision

Dates 2018:

Group One: Advanced

Meets online on the second or third Friday of every month, 11.00am to 12.30pm UK time.

THREE spaces available. This group is for those already trained in Clean Language.

Group Two: Advanced

Meets online on the second or third Weds of every month, 7.00pm to 8.30pm UK time

ONE space available

This group is for those already trained in Clean Language.

Group Three: Open to all

TBA - Please register your interest. No previous Clean training is essential, although advisable.

Group membership

Once you have undertaken training with us, you can join one of our Advanced Clean Mentoring / Supervision groups.

What is the purpose of this group?

  • To provide regular and consistent 'clean' supervision to ensure the quality of your own coaching practice

      • An ongoing opportunity to improve your clean skills

          • Access to a group of like minded clean coaches willing to invest in their own clean coaching development

              • Time to focus and reflect on your coaching work and learn how you coach at your very best

                  • Materials and resources to increase your understanding of supervision and your ability to self-supervise
                    • How is the group structured?

                      Each supervision group will consist of a maximum of six participants and a supervisor.

                      The group will meet through online teleconference meetings, once every month on an agreed date.

                      Sessions will generally involve the exploration of real life coachee case studies. Normally we will have time to explore a minimum of two case studies and group members are asked to prepare beforehand and bring appropriate materials and questions to the session.

                      Occassionally sessions will take more of a 'mentoring' approach and these calls will be more generic, focusing on your Clean Coaching development needs. We will cover questions that may have arisen from the previous case study explorations or any other ongoing aspects or concerns about your coaching practice, with particular focus on clean techniques.

                      All calls will be recorded and made available to all in the group.

                      Your supervisor will actively participate in the group and provide further ideas, questions and insights to aid your development and encourage you to have a self-supervised awareness of all your coaching.

                      Your investment is just £29.00 per month to be part of this group. Contact us at to find out more.

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Participants of a Clean Coaching Supervision Group
Participants of the Clean Language Online Course

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